The future of health is personal

Atida is here to help you find what works for you; what you need to feel healthier and stronger from the inside out.

Atida Pure Personalised supplements

Who we are

We want to help you take an active role in reaching your best self

We believe in a future where your journey towards improved health and wellbeing becomes a trusted and truly personal experience.
Our mission is to help you make better decisions about your health. From proactive to curative, no matter your goals, we will offer an experience that will always revolve around you.

15m +Orders to date

4m +Active customers

700+ Employees

16 Years of experience

7 Offices

9 Countries where we operate

Woman laughing in the work place

Our Values


We place diligence, integrity and responsibility at the forefront of our mission

Empathic, healthy and well

We care for all our people - from our customers to our employees, their families, and the community that surrounds us

Humble and honest

We don’t like to boast, rather, we let our actions and results speak for themselves

Curious and courageous owners

We are hungry for knowledge, not afraid to act quickly on what we've learned

Give back

We care about the health of the world around us and are committed to bettering the communities we serve


We don’t forget to have a little fun along the way

What we do

Helping people make better decisions about their health

Our ambition is to move wellbeing from a strictly curative and reactive approach to one that is proactive and incorporates prevention. We are creating personalised solutions that you can trust.


Atida is your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist (but on the internet). It is the modern pharmacy that truly cares and will be there to help you find what you need from prevention to cure.

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Atida Pure

Atida Pure supports you to achieve your health goals through our personalised and flexible program. Our high-quality nutritional products, expert consultations, and precise measurements are always backed by science.

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Company leadership

Our team is passionate about combining technology and science to help you reach your health goals.

Profile photo of Julie Szudarek

Julie Szudarek

Chief Executive Officer

Profile photo of Anzhelika Belova

Anzhelika Belova

Chief Financial Officer

Profile photo of David Hennessy

David Hennessy

Chief Technology Officer

Profile photo of Joost van Hilten

Joost van Hilten

Chief Product Officer

Profile photo of Ernesto Martin

Ernesto Martin

MD Southern Europe

Profile photo of Mattia Santin

Mattia Santin

Chief Marketing Officer

Profile photo of AJ Simpson

AJ Simpson

Chief Operating Officer

MD Northern Europe

Our history

We are backed by science and decades of pharmacy experience

The leading online pharmacies are paving the way to transform the landscape of health and wellbeing across Europe.

  1. 2006

    Aponeo is founded in Berlin

  2. 2011

    Mifarma is founded in Spain

  3. 2016

    PharmaHera joins the Atida family, supporting the Aponeo business

  4. 2018

    Mifarma launches in Portugal and France, with Italy following shortly after

  5. 2019

    Julie Szudarek joins as CEO of Atida

  6. 2019

    Mifarma becomes part of the Atida family

  7. 2020

    The Atida brand officially launches with Atida Pure