Atida enters the Italian market thanks to the integration of
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Atida enters Italy with the integration of into the group, taking a further step towards becoming Europe's leading destination for online health and well-being.

Founded in 2011 in Naples by a young pharmacist Francesco Zaccariello, is one of the leading pharmaceutical e-commerce sites in Italy and is among the first platforms authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health for the online sale of non-prescription medicines. In 2020, the company exceeded €20 million in sales volumes - up 125% from the previous year.

At the helm of is Francesco Zaccariello, CEO, who will continue to run the business from Naples together with his team of over 70 employees. Naples will thus become Atida's Italian hub with the aim of supporting the ambitious growth targets of the European group.

"We are proud to join one of the most interesting groups on the European scene. With Atida we share the ambition of growth and the constant commitment to innovation. We started as a small local e-commerce and in a few years, we have become one of the most advanced and recognised platforms here in Italy. Now we are ready to open up to the European market," comments Francesco Zaccariello, CEO of eFarma. "The first step will be the arrival in the coming months of new product lines that will expand our current offer, which already exceeds 65,000 products in the catalogue".

Atida's entry into Italy follows its entry into Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The goal of Atida and eFarma is to provide an efficient solution that combines the familiarity and personal relationship typical of a local pharmacy, with the benefits of experience, convenience, and speed that characterize a European digital platform. And that's not all: the group aims to change the very concept of well-being: from reactive and limited to personal care alone, to a broader and more proactive intervention in which prevention plays a fundamental role.

"The entry of into the group confirms and strengthens the path taken by Atida towards a European brand vision," says Atida CEO Julie Szudarek. She adds: "Atida means 'future' in Hebrew, a future that here today represents the path taken by from a local brand to a business with a pan-European footprint.