Atida | Mifarma strengthens its position in Spain with new image and online platform
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The company continues its commitment to Europe and takes another step towards supporting the well-being of the population, offering a professional response to health and well-being needs.

Mifarma by Atida continues to grow and become the benchmark for well-being and health in Europe. Mifarma, who joined Atida in 2019, today presents its new brand and online shop: Atida l Mifarma.

Today, the company unveils a new user-centric platform, which aims to become the European destination for health and well-being through a personalised and high-quality service. The news also marks the company's evolution from Mifarma by Atida to Atida l Mifarma, in which Atida becomes more prominent, but the presence of Mifarma is maintained as part of the company's history and as an identifying element for customers.

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Atida I Mifarma's objective: support the well-being of European society

Under this new brand, the company aims to offer customers a full health and well-being experience. "It is a much more ambitious project in which the customer is at the centre of everything. Through this new platform, a new vision and brand values, as well as improved service and professional advice, we want to encourage Europeans to follow a healthy lifestyle and to start taking care of themselves from the inside out," says Ernesto Martin, Managing Director of Atida in Spain and Portugal.

With these new developments, the company aims to strengthen its position as an expert in health and well-being by creating an online ecosystem with transparent and complete information about the products on the market, their benefits, side effects, and how best to use them. Furthermore, Atida | Mifarma wants to encourage and educate the population to incorporate these healthy habits into their daily lives.

Europe's fastest and most intuitive health and well-being platform

Atida l Mifarma aims to continue to support European consumers by offering them the tools they need to achieve their well-being in a simple way and through any device. Over the past few months, the company has been working on the development of this new platform, which will optimise, facilitate and personalise the service provided to customers.

To launch the new site, more than one hundred experts in web development and design have been involved in order to ensure the best user experience for the more than 2 million Atida l Mifarma customers in Spain. "With this development, we want to become the leading, most intuitive, and fastest health and well-being platform in Europe, and of course, also at a national level. It is one more objective to demonstrate to our customers that every day we are committed to them and their well-being," says Ernesto Martín.

New 'look & feel' and responsive design to facilitate mobile shopping

According to platform data, more than 80% of customers in Spain make their purchases via mobile devices. For this reason, the new Atida | Mifarma website has a new, more up-to-date look and feel with a responsive design that is much more mobile-focused than before, capable of adapting to each screen and offering an optimal shopping experience. "Customers will continue to have access to a varied catalogue of more than 30,000 products and around 1,000 brands selected by our pharmacists and nutritionists. Thanks to the new platform, they will have an easy, fast, and efficient purchasing process from anywhere and, as always, they will be able to receive their orders in just 24-48 hours," says Martín.

A new health concept in Europe

Atida's support has allowed the company to evolve into the leading online health and well-being destination that Atida I Mifarma represents today. Thanks to this alliance, the company managed to record over 1.6 million orders in 2021. "This 2022 begins with a corporate and technological change that reflects our new vision as a company, as well as our commitment to all those who trust us," says Ernesto Martín.