Atida | Mifarma strengthens positioning in Portugal with innovations in its online platform
The leading company in the sale of pharmacy and parapharmacy products, present in Portugal since 2019, supports consumers at all stages of their health journey, from prevention to cure.

Atida | Mifarma - one of the leading online health and well-being platforms in Europe - continues to evolve in Portugal with a focus on quality, innovation, and a personalised and high-quality service.

Today, the company announces a new online platform to enhance the experience for its 170,000+ customers in Portugal: With the updated platform, Atida | Mifarma, asserts itself as the modern online pharmacy that truly cares about its customers, aiming to help them at every moment of their health journey, from prevention to cure and from the inside out.

The new platform was designed with pharmacy and parapharmacy in mind, conceived to meet the specific needs of this emerging industry. It will also allow future updates to take place much more easily.

Mobile-first and speed

The Atida | Mifarma platform presents a new and attractive look and feel. It was designed to be totally mobile-first because, according to company data, 70% of its customers in Portugal make their purchases from mobile devices. It also guarantees an optimum and fluid user experience on other devices. This makes it easier to buy pharmacy and parapharmacy products from anywhere, with the added advantage of being able to receive them in just 24-48 hours, thanks to Atida | Mifarma's fast logistics service.

Supporting consumers beyond the purchase

In addition to the innovations on its platform, Atida | Mifarma will continue to reinforce its position as a specialist and ideal partner for all topics related to health and well-being, therefore investing in the consistent sharing of useful and specialised content on its various digital channels, ensuring a trusted and honest experience thanks to their team of pharmacists and nutritionists.

To consolidate its presence in the online pharmacy sector, Atida | Mifarma is working together with its suppliers, designing aligned strategies that promote mutual development and the constant improvement of the customer experience. In addition, another key point in the company's plan is to keep its prices at an economical and accessible level for all customers.

Consolidated growth in Portugal

The company arrived in Portugal in 2019 still under the name of the Spanish brand Mifarma, which later that year decided to join Atida, a leading European online health, and well-being platform. Atida - a word that means "future" in Hebrew - does not just represent the brand name, but rather the company's goal of creating a healthier future, and the constant evolution towards creating a destination that supports people to feel their best from the inside out so they can move forward in life with confidence.

Atida | Mifarma in Portugal has already experienced success with this ambition. In 2020 it recorded growth of 164% in Portugal, and the figures for 2021 point to the continued growth of around 105% in relation to the previous year, revealing that the Portuguese consumers trust this innovative company.

"At Atida | Mifarma, we want to ensure all customers in Europe have a personalised, intuitive, uncomplicated and optimised experience when searching and buying health and well-being products online. We constantly update our platform to offer the best to our customers and also ensure that we are the best partner for the brands we partner with," says Ernesto Martín, Managing Director, Spain and Portugal at Atida. "We want to build a healthier future for everyone and we work daily so that our brand continues to evolve and respond to the needs of all Europeans. Thus, we continue to build a new holistic concept of preventive health, supporting customers throughout their journey, from prevention to cure."