Atida Pure launches a personalised supplements subscription in The Netherlands and Germany
Atida2671 NL
Atida - one of the leading health and well-being platforms in Europe - launches Atida Pure, a service that offers a curated and high-quality dietary supplement programme for customers in the Netherlands and Germany. The programme was designed by Atida Pure’s in-house team along with nutritionists and scientific advisors to help consumers play a more active role in their own health. It offers a much-needed alternative to the one-size-fits-all vitamin delivery model currently available. The service also actively furthers the goals of Atida: to support people to feel better from the inside out.

Atida Pure is a monthly subscription service that delivers pharmacy-quality supplements tailored to consumers’ health and needs. Consumers go to the website and take a short survey that asks them to identify their own relevant health habits and goals such as stress release, energy, or immunity. Atida Pure then advises which supplements would be best suited to the specific customer.

Atida Pure supplements include herbal remedies, probiotics, and vitamins and minerals. People choose the subscription package that works best for them, with tailored packages and add-ons. This allows customers to manage their price point along with their vitamins. Every month, they receive a package with daily sachets of supplements to make it easy to know exactly what to take each day.

The pharmacy-quality supplements are produced in Germany. Atida Pure ensures the products are made from the best ingredients and to exacting standards. The range is gluten-free and offers vegetarian options.

This dedication to quality springs from Atida’s commitment to well-being. The company took its name from the Hebrew for “future” because its goal is to create a healthier future. Atida believes that, as with so many aspects of our society, the future of well-being lies in personalisation from prevention to cure. Their products make it quick and simple for consumers to get customised and curated products to proactively improve their health.