Atida Pure, the first 100% customised vitamin subscription arrives in Spain
Product w 2 April 21 NL DE
Atida Pure, a brand of high-quality nutritional supplements by subscription, launches in Spain through Atida | Mifarma becoming the first subscription-based vitamins in the country.

What is Atida Pure?

Atida Pure is a brand of high-quality nutritional supplements, 100% personalised, tailored to the customer, and backed by scientific experts and professionals in the world of health. All products have been selected and produced with quality ingredients thanks to their development and innovation in the market. Many of them are gluten and lactose-free, but most importantly, any customer can customise their daily vitamin routine and receive it every month, making it a habit.

The first subscription-based supplements: how Atida Pure works

Atida Pure is introducing, for the first time in Spain, a vitamin subscription service. The company will offer the market a range of high-quality, 100% personalised nutritional supplements, tailored to the needs of each individual. These are the first subscription-based supplements, which work thanks to the development of an algorithm on its website. After completing a quick survey, it recommends to each customer the vitamins and supplements that suit their diet, lifestyle, and health goals.

To create the personalised plan, Atida Pure's algorithm takes all these answers into account and in less than three minutes, offers customers two monthly plans, the basic and the full plan. It also provides the possibility to change or remove any of the vitamins, in order to offer a detailed, accurate, and fully tailored final recommendation. Once the customer has received and accepted the plan, the subscription is made automatically and on a monthly basis, they receive a notification to pause, cancel or modify the subscription.

The Atida Pure range

The company currently offers more than 24 different types of products, among which the following stand out:

  • Vitamins (Vitamin B, D, and C)

  • Minerals (Folic Acid, Zinc, and Selenium)

  • Plant extracts such as turmeric

  • Probiotics

  • Special supplements such as Omega 3 and hyaluronic acid

  • Atida Blends. These are combinations of specific ingredients to achieve specific health objectives such as energy, memory, concentration, or stress reduction.

Ernesto Martin, Atida's Managing Director for Spain and Portugal, is proud to announce that Atida Pure is starting a new journey in Spain. "With the launch of Atida Pure, the team behind it has proven once again that it is up to the task. As a company, we know what the market needs and we are delighted to offer this pioneering service in our country. In this way, we continue to add allies to maintain global health throughout Europe.”