French parapharmacy Santédiscount joins the Atida Family
santediscount image

Santédiscount, one of the largest online parapharmacies available in France, has announced its membership of Atida. Connected by the same vision to transform health and well-being in France and across Europe, the two companies unite with the ambition to create a leading destination for health and well-being. By joining Atida, Santédiscount strengthens its position in France and will expand its reach across Europe. This announcement marks the evolution of the online parapharmacy site towards European brand status. This partnership comes after its huge success in the French market with more than 2 million orders in 2020. The site will eventually be rebranded to Atida, a name already present in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. This name means ‘future’ in Hebrew and represents the company’s vision to create a healthier future for all. From today, Santédiscount will begin the first stage of this process with an updated logo and name - Santédiscount by Atida.

The very essence of Santédiscount in France, highly appreciated by consumers and suppliers, will be maintained since it is Loïc Lagarde, CEO of Santédiscount, who will continue to lead the activity from Toulouse and will remain supported by his team of 300+ employees.

In addition to its current offer giving access to a catalogue of more than 60,000 parapharmacy products, the site in France will also offer new products with a new range of private label products and access to brands across European markets. Services allowing customers to access expert advice by phone, chat and social media will also be maintained.

“We are very happy to be joining Atida. This is a great opportunity for Santédiscount, leader in parapharmacy in France, to continue to grow in the market. We share with Atida a common vision that will allow us to maintain the same excellence, service, and products while retaining our roots in Toulouse. With this partnership, we want to become the leading provider of health and well-being not only in France but also in Europe. “Loïc Lagarde, CEO of Santédiscount

“The entry of Santédiscount into the group confirms and strengthens Atida's trajectory towards a European brand vision," says Julie Szudarek, CEO of Atida. She adds, "Atida means 'future' in Hebrew, a future that today represents the path Santédiscount has taken from a local brand to a company with a pan-European footprint."

With over 16 years of industry experience, Atida already operates one of the leadiing online health and well-being platforms in Europe with presence in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Atida's ambition is not just to position well-being only through a curative and reactive approach, but rather to bring a proactive and preventive vision to health supporting people to feel good from the inside out.